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You are to determine whether the data provided by the statements is sufficient to answer the question. We have to make a seven-letter code, but some of our letters are repeated. But what if you don't have all those primes memorized?

Because we have two equations and two variables, we can solve for L and W. Base your answers on information that is either stated or implied in the passage then click to see the answers. What percent of last month's earnings did John have left over? Show how family structures adjust to meet the demands of a changing economy.

Which Course is right for you? It tells us that y is positive and asks us whether x is negative. The figures for the number of classes taken were based solely on information provided by actors.

Peter read P books last year, and Nikki read N books last year. It presents an alternative explanation for the phenomenon described in the first paragraph. Question Detail Show Details. Some answer choices are widely spread out. Present two alternative theories that explain why family size tends to shrink with increased prosperity.

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Assumptions and Causality. Motivation to learn can be improved at home, during time spent with parents. It is inevitable in societies making the transition from an economy based on agriculture to one based on industry. Note that using the Kaplan Method will keep you from falling into a trap laid by the testmaker.

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Backsolving is an option whenever you can manageably plug an answer choice into the question stem. We have to calculate the possible number of different codes.

The first paragraph of the passage states that a Malthusian population explosion, though believed to be inevitable during or after the Industrial Revolution did not actually occur. This is a Value question, so we'll, so we'll need one exact value for p. What would constitute sufficiency? Indeed, the second-to-last sentence in the third paragraph states that in industrialized societies, physical labor becomes less important, not more so.

The statements together are sufficient, so the answer is C. Many consumers have purchased music by artists they discovered through file-sharing networks. This coffee shop sells two sizes of coffee, and we are asked to determine its revenue.

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The few people using file-sharing networks already purchased more music than most people. Social scientist have only recently reached consensus on the question of why it fails to occur in recently industrialized countries. Directions In each of the problems, a question is followed by two statements containing certain data. Give an example of the factors that may lead to changes in social attitudes toward family size. It describes how social attitudes change as societies become richer.

Critical Reasoning Strategy Guide. Powescore- Critical Reasoning Summary. We must always keep the author's perspective in mind when answering Logic questions. This page features all practice questions, forensic accounting exam pdf papers but you can use the form to filter by test section.

It was predicted by at least some who lived through the Industrial Revolution in the West. We can eliminate A and D as potential answers. The answer choices are just numbers.

Since we have rules for odd and even numbers, we can apply them directly to the answer choices. The area is the product of the two sides, and the perimeter is the sum of the four sides.

PDF 1000 Real Gmat Sentence Correction Questions Answers Pdf

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This is a Value question, which means that sufficiency requires one and only one value for b. File-sharing networks carry a more complete variety of music than most traditional music stories.

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Read back over the problem, confirming that your solution accurately follows the information in the question. Because the question stem tells us that y is positive, that means that x also has to be positive. That's reversal of causality, one of the classic weakeners. Subtracting one from an even number will always result in an odd number. To get a positive outcome when multiplying two variables, we need to have either two positive numbers or two negative numbers.

So any of these that are divisible by any other number can be crossed off the list. Argue that studies based on social attitudes are more effective than models based on evolutionary advantages in accounting for demographic patterns. The degree of interest in learning that a student develops is a direct result of the amount of time he or she spends in the classroom. Since the answer choices are percents, picking is a good idea. We can use this to our advantage.

Evaluate the Argument - key. That's not a true statement. This is insufficient, eliminating D. Finally, we will solve for the number of students in the class.

The last paragraph performs which of the following functions in the passage? Answer choice C is correct. Most successful actors have taken only a small number of intensive classes.

When we do, we find that is a perfect match n is, in fact, the correct answer. To calculate the number of permutations where some of the elements are indistinguishable, we'll divide the total number of permutations by the factorial of the number of indistinguishable elements.