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Albert Schweitzer endured considerable as a jungle doctor. The author received the Nobel Prize for literature.

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Sample Sentences On the basis of the above paragraph, try to use your new words in the following sentences. With complete toward his personal safety, Lt. Sample Sentences Take command of the new words in these sentences. Volcanic material, dispersed seventeen miles into the atmosphere, created startlingly beautiful sunsets for years afterwards. Definitions Play the familiar matching game.

WORDS You Need to Know - Memrise

Attached to each arm is a clip-like device. Alcohol does not mix with gasoline! Also, there is always the possibility that ice cream sundaes will be found to cure baldness, and that chocolate chip cookies will eliminate our cholesterol problems.

The captain was powerless to interfere. The of the countryside was shattered by the explosion. We marched in front of the embassy with placards, inhibitions held high. By his own volition he gave up friends and comforts for a two year sojourn by himself at Walden Pond.

Learn the words you have missed. These words will become a permanent part of your ever-growing vocabulary. Sample Sentences The words above fit into the blanks below. She countered that, if Jack merely sat on a street corner with his hand out, the government had a good case. Upon entering a cellar that is redolent with their aroma, complete web design tutorial pdf free you are not likely to forget the odor.

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If women realized the harmful extent of the cumulative effect of alcohol, they might taper off in their public and recondite drinking. Joan defended herself brilliantly at a court trial, although she could neither read nor write. Remember that a word- ending may have to be changed. The champion won fairly easily. As history moves and changes our lives, it is up to the cartographer to take the A lines of a map and shape the picture of this world in motion.

With the aid of his long, powerful hands he can swing rapidly from tree to tree and cover considerable ground in his peregrinations. He dragged his captain to safety and turned back to see that the machine-gunner had been killed. Those who had been jailed on false charges were exonerated by special tribunals.

1100 WORDS You Need to Know

When we could the city lights, we knew we were safe at last. She showed that true passion can be healthy. The editor must include or jettison items as he sees fit.

She flies from the hive and mates with one or more drones on her first flight. Is it possible he or she was dropped as an infant? Which adjective describes a poverty-stricken person? Newsmen claim that readers evince no interest in foreign affairs.

After she kills any rivals who have the temerity to challenge her, an amorous note is injected. The frugal worker builds and maintains the nest, collects and stores the honey, and is the antithesis of the lazy drone, or male honeybee, who does not work and has no sting.

Sample Sentences Use the new words in the sentences. Television in the new century was with the rebirth of the old quiz shows. Before the game players spend as much time as possible taking their batting practice.

Definitions Pick the letter of the definition that matches your new word. Wiley searched through the for her valuable jewelry. He took a full-page newspaper advertisement to promulgate his challenge.

Definitions Match the new words with their meanings. Electronic music is considered nothing more or less than by many. Definitions Study the fine differences. He viewed the industrial revolution with antipathy. The necessity for preparing sandwiches was when the picnic was postponed.

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Television sleuths are in their pursuit of lawbreakers. Many people hoped that the United Nations would be the for the problems of our time. The of the bombing in Iraq was urged by the United Nations. It was a cumbersome way of going about the hunt, but it was all that he could think of at the moment. Despite the fact that Danny later recanted his confession, he was found culpable and jailed.

When the hare crossed the finish line, the flabbergasted tortoise had gone approximately eight and three-quarter inches. The match took place before hundreds of chess enthusiasts and was recorded on film. When the teacher asked why the homework had not been done, he was greeted by a of incredible alibis. After a examination of the injured motorist, the doctor said that hospitalization was imperative. Ellen Kaner, a Dallas chemist.