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Mercury 1999 Cougar Owner s Manual

Page Driving Using trailer brakes Use electric brakes or manual, automatic or surge type hydraulic brakes that meet federal and local regulations. Automobile Mercury Tracer Manual pages. Ignition off, ebook gratis format pdf steering wheel locked.

The oil from your hand could cause the bulb to break the next time the headlamps are operated. Install the dipstick making sure it is fully seated in the filler tube. To open the luggage compartment at least one door must be unlocked. If the engine does not start within five seconds, wait ten seconds and try again.

Replacing the cargo cover Insert the cover horizontally, align it and push in as far as the stop. The horizontal indicator and the adjusting screw are located behind the headlamp assembly.

To install, fit the new bulb in reverse sequence. Inspect the safety belts to make sure there are no nicks, wears or cuts and replace if necessary. Adjust the selected mirror by moving the center control in the desired direction. Luggage compartment lamp Pry out the light assembly from the holder with a flat blade screwdriver.

To lower, push the small catch in the collar around the stem and raise or lower the head restraint to the desired height. Position the floor jack under the oil pan and raise slightly to release the pressure on the front insulator. To install the cap, align the tabs on the cap with the notches on the filler pipe. Apply the parking brake and the brake pedal. Page Maintenance and care Choosing the right fuel Use only unleaded fuel.

Sounding the panic alarm Press the control. Lift the battery with a carrier or with your hands on the opposite corners. The control will toggle this function on and off, but the feature defaults to on after each cycle of the ignition key. The belt will click as it retracts to indicate it is in the automatic locking mode. Secure the upper part of the engine front cover.

Page Maintenance and care Reinstalling the headlamp assembly All bulb connectors must be correctly connected. Secure your vehicle further by blocking the wheels. Refer to Foglamp control in the Controls and features chapter for notes on use. Do not push start your vehicle. After a short period it tunes to and plays the next station.

Unlock the steering wheel. The radio tunes to and plays the next station on the waveband. For load specification terms found on the label, refer to Loading your vehicle in this chapter. Pull off the rubber weatherstrip at the back of the engine compartment. Screw on the wheel nuts, ensuring the tapered end of the wheel nuts are facing the wheel, and secure in a clockwise direction.

Each time you fill the tank, record the amount of fuel added in litres or gallons. Make sure that all tires are the same size, speed rating, and load carrying capacity. Observe the application instructions on the products.

Mercury Cougar 1999 Workshop Manual

Raise and support the vehicle. Push handle downward to the off position.

Download 1999 Mercury Cougar Owners Manual.pdf

Checking the engine oil Check the engine oil each time you fuel your vehicle. Cleaning the wheels Wash the wheels with the same detergent you use to clean the body of your vehicle. Routine maintenance of the air bag is not required. Park the vehicle on a level surface.

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The control will toggle this feature on or off, but the feature defaults to on after each cycle of the ignition key. Indicates that vehicle information related to recycling and other environmental concerns will follow.

Refer to Driving while towing a trailer in this chapter. The pressure in an overfilled tank may cause leakage and lead to fuel spray and fire. Make sure the gearshift is in P Park. Wash your vehicle regularly with cold or lukewarm water. Carefully follow all of the manufacturer's instructions included with the safety seat you put in your vehicle.

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Ford motor company mercury villager owner's guide pages. Ford motor company mercury mystique owner's guide pages. See your Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer. Also See for Cougar Owner's manual - pages.

The light in the control illuminates when the system is switched off. Pull the bulb out and replace it. Refer to the tire instruction decal to determine the specific size tire and wheel Ford Motor Company recommends for use on this vehicle. Place the mat eyelet over the pointed end of the retention post from the rear and rotate forward to install. Once speed control is switched off, the previously programmed set speed will be erased.

To deactivate the alarm, press the control again or turn the ignition key to the on position. Insert the belt tongue into the proper buckle for that seating position until you hear and feel the latch engage.

Remote luggage compartment control Push the control located under the instrument panel by the driver's door to open the luggage compartment. On vehicles with automatic transaxles, the ignition key can return to this position only if the gearshift lever is in P Park. Do not touch them after inflation. Push the control in to turn off the foglamps.

Payload Combined maximum allowable weight of passengers, cargo and optional equipment. To operate, the center vents must be closed and the outer vents positioned towards the windows. Check the safety belt system periodically to make sure there are no nicks, wear or cuts. Blown fuses are identified by a broken wire.

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Activate the hazard lights. Using the hex key, rotate the adjusting washer counterclockwise until the notch in the pointer is centered over the index line on the locating tab the pointer will move clockwise during adjustment. Rotate the control and the display indicates the volume level selected. Page Maintenance and care Do not make any unauthorized changes to your vehicle or engine. This key position is for normal driving.