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When carrying a live inflator module, hold securely with both hands, and ensure that the bag and trim cover are pointed away. Never bend or twist a timing belt excessively, and do not allow solvents, antifreeze, gasoline, acid or oil to come into contact with the belt Inspect both sides of the timing belt. Connect the voltmeter positive cable to the point where the voltage is to be tested D. Install the pressure sensor using a new seal. Turbocharger coolant and oil pipes Intake pipe for the turbocharger Wastegate with the boost pressure control valve and pipes Intake hose with the bypass hose.


Move the wiring harness in question while observing the ohmmeter D. To install the timing chain, place the chain around the crankshaft sprocket.

Install the upper engine cover. If the setting of the crankshaft or camshafts is altered at this stage the valves can be damaged. Installation is the reverse of removal. Secure the alternator so it will not drop or become damaged. When loosening or tightening the sprocket center bolts, hold the cam still using a wrench installed over the flats on the camshaft.

Saab 9 - 3 Workshop Manual PDF 1/60

Best SellersSaab 9 - 3 Workshop Manual PDF 1/60

Install the bracket with the upper timing belt adjuster and tensioner pulleys. Start the engine and run it at idling speed for a while.

Replace components as necessary. Install the cylinder and Install the stub axles and clips.

Check Intake Cam Angle Solenoid. Pump the brake pedal to position the brake caliper piston. Be careful to install the brake hose in its original position. Clean any gasket remains from the sealing surfaces on the camshaft cover.

Check the oil level and correct as necessary. Snug the center bolts of the adjusting rollers.

Unhook the gas spring's lower mounting. Install the crankshaft seal. Take care not to disturb the position of the seals when installing. Oil Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction.

The higher powered version of the was the Viggen. The fuel system pressure must be relieved before disconnecting any fuel lines. Plug in the pressure sensor connector.

And with that, the history of the Saab is complete. Thank you for visiting OnlyManuals. If equipped with manual transmission, install the clutch housing cover. Lubricate the sealing lips and install fitting Tool and tap the seal in place. Throughout this procedure, pdf viewer windows 7 64 bit keep the camshafts in their basic correct setting.

1999 Saab 9-3 Repair Manual pdf

Install the transmission assembly into the vehicle. Raise and safely support the vehicle securely, as required. Position it out of the way. Be sure the chain is seated in the guide tensioner grooves. Install the cover over the ignition coils.

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Reseal the boost pressure control rod. Switch The convertible top switch is located in the center console.

Use an extension and press back the mechanism and gas spring to the correct position so that the cylinder can be installed. Side wear from improper installation Fig. Install the halfshafts into the hubs as the engine is raised into the engine compartment.

1999 Saab 9-3 Repair Manual pdf

Loosen the timing belt adjuster bolts. Hand-tighten the center bolts securing the camshaft sprockets. Set the multi-meter to voltage measurement and connect its minus cable to a good grounding point C.

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Saab Owners Manual Download. The hydraulic cam followers used in Saab engines do not require adjusting.

Run the chain up through the opening in the cylinder head. Install the lifting eye to the transaxle and connect the hoist to the transaxle. If pressure is within specification, replace the sensor. Place a drain pan under the transaxle to catch any fluid spillage. Thereafter, press the pivoting guide against the chain to give the chain its basic tension.