2000 Jeep Wrangler Manual Pdf

Check out the new forum event calendar and how-to use it in this thread here. When replacing plugs, do not overtighten. Goblin Being vague is better than this other thing Supporting Member. The rear passengers have cup holders at the rear of the center console.

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Jeep 2004 Wrangler Owner s Manual

Working on uploading all I have. Tuck in the bottom retainers on the quarter windows into the bodyside retainer, beginning from the rear and working to the front of the vehicle. Unzip the zipper on the sport bar cover to expose the pivot bracket.

Tuck in drip rail retainers into the door frame slots. Do not disassemble or modify the system. This feature allows for recir- culation of interior air only. An unrestrained pet will be thrown about and possibly injured, or injure a passenger during panic braking or in a collision.

The Owner s Manual for Jeep Owners

This is caused by a natural contraction of the vinyl coating on the fabric top. Trip Odometer Button Press and release this button to toggle between the odometer and trip odometer displays. Open the header latches and engage the hooks on each side into the windshield slot. Do not park or operate your vehicle in areas where your exhaust system can contact any- thing that can burn. Make sure the material is folded back as shown.

Your authorized dealer has touch up paint to match the color of your vehicle. Holding the button will bypass stations without stopping until you release it. Forces the front and rear wheels to rotate at the same speed. Tuck drip rail retainers into the door frame slots. On vehicles equipped with a limited-slip differen- tial, never run the engine with one rear wheel off the ground.

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Inspect the brake linings. After the top is folded down, the check straps must be wrapped around the header. Beginning from the rear, moving forward, partially unzip the side window and untuck the bottom retainers.

Jeep 2004 Wrangler Owner s Manual

As long as the engine operating temperature is satisfactory, the coolant bottle need only be checked once a month. Turn to the second detent for headlight operation. Always put the carpet back into the vehicle before driving.

Driveline And Steering Component Lubrication U-joints cardan joints are sealed and do not require lubrication. Grasp the side bow behind the header and lift the top back. The audio output can be heard when fast forward and fast reverse are activated. These abnormal wear patterns will reduce tread life resulting in a need for earlier tire replacement.

Open tailgate all the way to ensure clearance of the rear window glass. Tire chains may be installed on all models except Sahara. It is essential when replacing the cables on the battery that the positive cable is attached to the positive post and the negative cable is attached to the negative post. The red zone to the far right indicates possible overheat- ing.

Insure nylon tubing in these areas has not melted or collapsed. To install the quarter windows, affix the rear corner of the window temporarily.

The last variance zone number will be displayed. It controls the temperature of the air delivered to the passenger compartment.

Jeep Wrangler Online Manual Jeep

Jeep Wrangler Online Manual Jeep

Page Automatic Transmission Clutch Interlocking Ignition System Manual transmission vehicles are equipped with a clutch interlock safety feature. Mopar Manual Transmission Lubricant or equivalent. If anyone has any additional manuals let me know so I can add them to the main post. Operate the system for a few seconds to flush out the residual water.

To both new members and existing members, please read this thread about posting your topics in the correct sub-forum. Grasp the drip rail retainers and untuck both of them from the door frame slot. If you prefer mailing your payment, please call for an order form. To set the clock, use a ballpoint pen or similar object to press the hour H or minute M buttons on the radio, 2007 chevrolet tahoe owners manual pdf The time setting will increase each time you press the button. These are the strongest parts of your body and take the forces of a collision the best.

Close the header latches and position the sun visor. Page Recirculation Select this position when the outside air con- tains smoke, odors, high humidity, or if rapid cooling is desired. Tuck the bottom retainers on the quarter window into the bodyside retainer, beginning from the rear and work- ing to the front of the vehicle.