2001 Jeep Wrangler Manual Pdf

2001 jeep wrangler manual pdf

Check bearing surfaces of output shaft for nicks or scratches. Set clutch units aside for overhaul. Three bolts at extreme rear of housing are actually for the output shaft bearing retainer. It may be necessary to move retainer rearward with pilot stud in order to start bolts in retainer.

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Do not overtighten valve body bolts. Check for coolant leaks and overflow tank and radiator? Keep rear support bolts together for assembly reference. Although retainer is one-way fit on housing, aptitude questions answers pdf tamil be sure bolt holes are aligned before seating retainer.

Do not pry or pull cable off. Tap seal out with drift and hammer. There gauges indicator will be illuminated.

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There should be no continuity. Verify snap ring is seated in shaft groove. Verify that front clutch drive lugs are fully engaged in slots of driving shell after installa- tion. The output shaft in turn When the gear selector is moved into the reverse rotates with the annulus gear in a counterclockwise position Fig.

Petroleum jelly can be used to hold parts in place. The dark outer layer of the overlay prevents the indicator from being clearly visible when it is not illuminated. Electrical for diagnosis and testing procedures.

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Mark Snap Ring Thickness mm in. Check out this thread to see how.

Install thickest snap ring that will fit in shaft groove. Carefully slide cable off stud.

If clearance is incorrect, clutch discs, plates, pressure plates and snap ring may have to be Fig. Thats really helpfull and generous! When I drag them over it saves a link to this page but if this page ever goes away I will lose them. Check for blockage and repair as necessary. But the will be correct for your is in the key areas, especially mechanical.

If anyone has any additional manuals let me know so I can add them to the main post. Current flow through the second coil indication of a problem to the vehicle operator.

Hold ball in place with petroleum jelly. There should be continuity. Verify that the retaining ring is fully seated in mainshaft groove.

Any differences are minor. They're generally too big to be emailed but someone here will have a link you can download it from. If two members of the same planetary set are driven, direct drive results.

Alignment of the way through the reverse idler gear assembly. Ensure to use sufficient petroleum jelly to hold rollers in position. Pin is accessible from converter housing side of case Fig. Use petroleum jelly to hold gasket in place. Before tightening bolt, ver- ify speed sensor is fully seated mounted flush to speedometer pinion gear adapter.

Clean vent and repair as necessary. For further harness connector for the transfer case switch and a diagnosis of the part time indicator or the instrument good ground. Verify seal is seated in hous- ing bore Fig. We'll need to know your model year first though, they are different for every model year. Want to add an app icon for this forum to your mobile device's home screen?

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Roll pin must be flush with socket Fig. Forums New posts Search forums Image search. Ensure washer halves are seated in shaft groove and that washer lugs are seated in shaft lug bores. The hybrid-type inflator assembly includes a small canister of highly compressed argon gas. Bolts are rear of shift tower open- ing.

Set drum and clutch Note that one hole is not threaded Fig. Then slide transmission out from under vehicle. To both new members and existing members, please read this thread about posting your topics in the correct sub-forum.