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2002 Nissan Xterra - Electrical System (Section EL) (278 pages)

We'll get you the repair information you need, every time, or your money back. Unless other- wise indicated, use recommended multi-pur- pose grease.

Disconnect negative battery terminal. There are two methods to check for this. For details regarding the terminal arrangement, refer to the reference area.

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Engine Compartment There are several reasons a vehicle or engine vibration could cause an electrical complaint. If incident occurs while heating the unit, either replace or properly insulate the com- ponent. Put probes at the load side of fuse terminal and a known good ground. It is important for simulating the conditions of the problem. And they explained to me they would have to look into it.

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It is very easy to use and support is always free. If there is a trace of tube bulging left on the old rubber hose, align rubber hose at that position. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Continued refueling may cause fuel overflow resulting in fuel spray and possibly a fire. Do not start engine, or check with engine stopped. Harness-Sub, Body Select vehicle options to narrow down result. The Computer Controlled system operations can be adversely affected by any variation in resistance in the system. Start engine, or check with engine running.

Nissan Xterra - Electrical System (Section EL) - PDF Manual ( Pages)

Nissan Xterra - Electrical System (Section EL) - PDF Manual ( Pages)

While holding the wire of the male terminal, try to insert the male terminal into the female terminal. Most of the electrical unit connectors on this page are shown from the harness side for the connector. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. The last time it happened, she was stopped by a police officer because her tail lights were not working. Even when the ground connection looks clean, there can be a thin film of rust on the surface.

Not what you are looking for? Harness Assy-Engine Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Do not smoke while working on the vehicle. When working in a pit or other enclosed area, be sure to properly ventilate the area before working with haz- ardous materials. Diode Select vehicle options to narrow down result.

Release accelerator pedal. Use of another bat- tery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Bracket-Harness Clip Select vehicle options to narrow down result. Verify the parameter of the incident.

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Towing is in accordance with Towing Procedure Manual at dealer. Harness-Engine Room Select vehicle options to narrow down result. To avoid damaging the vehicle body, use proper towing equipment when towing. Make sure you have not inadvertently created a new incident during your diagnosis or repair steps.

If connector numbers and titles are shown in the Reference Area of the wiring diagram, these connectors symbols are not shown in the Connector Area. Joint connector Joint connector symbols are shown in the connector area of the wiring diagram. Electrical units Electrical unit connector symbols are shown in the Connector Area of the wiring diagram. Keep the work area well ventilated and free of any inflammable materials. The second method is to put the suspect component into a freezer long enough for any water to freeze.

Cover-Fusible Link Holder. Leave the car parked out- side overnight.

Observe the following instructions before diagnosing. Symbol Symbol explanation Symbol Symbol explanation Insert key into ignition switch. Step-by-step factory recommended repair instructions. Check the following items to maintain the original waterproof char- acteristics.

2002 Nissan Xterra - Electrical System (Section EL) (278 pages)

This manual is specific to a Nissan Xterra. We can answer your questions about using the software or help you find the specific information you need for your Nissan Xterra. The vehicle was purchased at the pacific Nissan dealership in san diego, California. While at lunch, no cellphone sign pdf minutes go buy and a person inquires about a parked Xterra on fire. Then check for loose connection by gently shaking the wiring or com- ponents as previously explained.

To determine if an electrical component is heat sensitive, heat the component with a heat gun or equivalent. When setting the lift arm, do not allow the arm to contact the brake tubes, brake cable, or fuel lines. The test limit is a reference value which is specified as the maximum or minimum value and is compared with the test value being monitored. Special care should be taken when handling any inflammable or poisonous materials, such as gasoline, refrig- erant gas, etc.

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This test may indicate a loose or poorly mounted sensor or relay. The positive lead of the voltmeter should be closer to power and the negative lead closer to ground.

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