2003 Honda Crv Service Manual Pdf

Keep the keys away from liquids. Pivot it out of out of its socket. Some safety features do not require any action on your part. Therefore, the This shows how much fuel you have. Page Seats When using the center seating Rear Seat Armrest position, adjust the left and right side of the rear seats to the same position.

Page When using synthetic oil, you must follow the oil and filter change intervals given in the maintenance schedule. The displayed time begins to blink.

To operate the wipers in mist mode, To clean the windshield, pull back on push the control lever up from the the wiper control lever. If the instruction tells you to run the engine, be sure your hands, fingers, and clothing are out of the way. Driver and Passenger Safety.

Instrument panel indicator and gauge, and how to use dashboard and steering column controls. Make sure the tailgate and the hatch glass are closed and locked securely before driving. Page Heating and Cooling To Turn Everything Off To shut off the system temporarily, turn the fan speed and temperature control dials all the way to the left.

Honda Cr V Owners Manual Pdf

Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. It also provides good visibility so you can anticipate problems earlier. Do this between the upper and lower three times. The air flow will get warmer and clear the windows faster as the engine warms up.

Honda 2003 CR-V Owner s Manual

In bad weather, when you use the washers often, check the level every time you stop for fuel. You can be Stop filling the tank after the fuel burned or seriously injured nozzle automatically clicks off. The spark plugs should be replaced according to the distance recommendation in the maintenance schedule. Automatic Seat Belt Tensioners. Any time you lift the vehicle, either with a hoist or a jack, make sure that it is always securely supported.

Honda Cr V Owners Manual Pdf

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The website will method and present you the end result. The proper way to start the engine, shift the transmission, and park, plus towing a trailer.

Follow the procedures and precautions in this manual carefully. This help keep your vehicle from is especially important in areas Moisture trapped in body cavities. The symbols printed at the top corner of each page can also be used as a quick reference system. If you do happen to get stuck because of inclement weather or other conditions, choose a safe and appropriate course of action. Drive the jack, libro por favor digame no pdf seriously injuring slowly along the shoulder until you anyone underneath.

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Honda-approved key blanks. Page Please contact your Honda as far forward as possible. Have the Carefully pry on the edge of the vehicle checked by your Honda cover. It truly is not a surprise to know that more people are seeking to locate the manual book both on the internet or offline. Using this repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle working properly.

Watch road conditions carefully, they can change from moment to moment. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

Make sure you can do without that circuit temporarily such as the accessory power socket or radio. Letting it can scratch the paint, while tree sap Fill a bucket with cool water. Owners Refer to page to determine which schedule to use.

Connect the away from the grounding strap. Because the book supplies all details concerning the precise motor vehicle, it offers you thorough comprehension concerning the qualities of the motor vehicle. Make sure there are no foreign objects around the anchors.

Page Interior Care Periodically shampoo the carpet to keep it looking new. Also, be sure the engine To reduce the possibility of fire or is off.

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Traction devices that are the wrong cable-type traction devices on the Drive slowly with them installed. When you the window switch lightly and hold it. Try not drive several miles kilometers to use other electrically-operated before the battery is too discharged controls such as the power windows. Proper use and care of your vehicle's seat belts, and Supplemental Restraint System. Pull up the seat- until it touches the rear seat.

The lever will high speed, the wipers run continu- return to the center position as soon ously. Do not stand on the table.

Lock them in place To fold the legs, pull on the middle To put the table back in place, hold by pushing on the middle of the of each locking arm. Exactly where to acquire this useful file? Detach the battery cables bef ore connecting the battery to a charger. If you can pull the belt out, it is not locked and you will need to repeat these steps. The purpose of this message is to help prevent damage to your vehicle, other property, or the environment.

Page Carrying Cargo When you load luggage, the total Load Limit Carrying Items in the Passenger The maximum load for your vehicle weight of the vehicle, all passengers, Compartment is lbs in U. Page Dashboard Pocket To open the dashboard pocket, swing the lid down. The engine must be running for the heater and air conditioning to generate hot and cold air.

Honda 2003 CR-V Owner s Manual

In low speed and direction and hold it. Always keep the glove box closed while driving. Push the new Bulb bulb straight into the socket until it bottoms. Page Fuel Economy Fuel Economy The condition of your vehicle and A cold engine uses more fuel than a Driving Habits your driving habits are the two most You can improve fuel economy by warm engine.