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Belt burnt, thin -Abuse continued throttle application when -Caution operator to operate machine within guidelines. The pilot system supplies fuel during engine operation with the throttle valve closed or slightly opened.

The driven clutch must be disassembled from the helix side. Never start the engine or let it run in an enclosed area. When reinstalling the battery, install the negative cable last.

Check the rocker arm pad and fulcrum seat for excessive wear, cracks, nicks or burrs. Repeat procedure at the other five locations as shown. Refer to the warning tire pressure decal applied to the vehicle. Regulates battery charging system output at approx. The difference between measurements A and B is the vehicle toe alignment.

Polaris Sportsman 700

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Lubricate the tie rod ends with a light aerosol lubricant or grease. If the oil filter is obstructed, a bypass valve contained in the filter allows oil to bypass the filter element. Turn The recovery bottle, located on the left side of the handle bars full left or right to provide more clearance. Press out the spring pins K in the inner sheave. Adjust the headlight aim by turning the adjusting locking tabs.

Note the positions of the gears in the photo. Venti- Check engine fasteners and ensure they are tight.

The output hub should spin freely. Straight water or antifreeze may cause the system to freeze, corrode, or overheat.

Polaris Sportsman ManualPolaris Sportsman 700

No internal servicing or readjustment may be performed. The recovery bottle, located on the left side of the machine, must be maintained between the minimum and maximum levels indicated. Thumb Warmer The hand warmer switch is located on the left side of the headlight pod.

This information is for Sportsman models equipped with a lb. Refer to the appropriate parts manual for proper fasteners and fastener placement. Use an engine lift or other means if the engine is too heavy to be lifted manually. If the joint is stiff or binding, tap the yoke lightly to center the joint until it pivots freely in all directions.

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Fluid changes, cable and chassis lubrication are required more frequently. Mark the Hydraulic Lifter. Do this four to five times until the valve is fully seated, and repeat process for the other valve s. This brake should not stop the spongy feel.

To check the contact area of the seat on the valve B face, apply a thin coating of Prussian Bluet paste to the valve seat. Protective gloves, clothing and eyewear are required. Certain procedures require the use of special tools. Turn handlebars from left to right through the entire turning range.

With the transmission in gear and the parking and adjustment. Protect lamp during install. Replace any worn steering components. Test battery with a voltage meter or load tester to determine battery condition.

Inspect surface of commutator. All references to left and right side of the vehicle are from the operators perspective when seated in a normal riding position.

Use only genuine Polaris parts. To maintain a beautiful finish and prevent corrosion, E Polaris Sales Inc. Polaris industries all-terrain vehicle owner's manual pages. When servicing your Sportsman it is important to identify which model you are working on. To identify which model Sportsman you have, himpunan solat sunat pdf refer to the identification illustration below.

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Wash the cylinder in a solvent, then in hot, soapy water. Use the following pages as a guide for troubleshooting. Severe Use is defined as frequent vehicle immersion in mud, water or sand, racing or race- style high rpm use, prolonged low speed - heavy load operation or extended idle. Using a suitable arbor or vise, fully seat bearing cap in one side. Serious engine damage and voiding of warranty can result.

Install snap ring into groove. Cylinder could be damaged if the hone is not hard enough to scratch the nicasil lining. Repeat inspection for inner tie rod end on steering post. Inspect gear teeth for wear, cracks, chips or broken teeth.

Install the cam assembly helix over the shaft. Remarks Inspect - Replace if necessary Inspect for abrasion, routing, security.

Slip the pre-filter element off of main element. This will help the instrument cluster slide into the pod assembly more easily. It is recommended to replace the bearings anytime the engine is disassembled.


Tap water contains minerals and impurities which build up in the system. The valve may overheat and warp, resulting Combustion Area in burnt valves.