2004 Porsche Cayenne Owners Manual Pdf

Folding in the key bit Note f Press release button B and fold in the key bit. The compressor filler hose can become hot during the inflation process. Page Low Range and High Range.

Page Manual Transmission, Clutch Floor mats of the correct size and with the appropriate fasteners are available from your Risk of engine damage overrevving when authorized Porsche dealer. Porsche Cayenne Owner's Manual pages. Page Opening f Press button A and open cover.

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Porsche Cayenne Owners Manual

Page Door Mirrors Warning! If Wiper blades that are in perfect condition are vital they are very dirty e. Place one wedge directly in front of and A - Folding wedges A - Filler bottle another directly behind the diagonally opposite B - Filler hose wheel.

The rear air-conditioned areas can be controlled from the front control panel. It then The parking heater is to activate the parking switches itself off automatically. Insert wheel bolts and tighten by hand.

Porsche Cayenne User Handbook Manual

Adjusting the door mirrors synchronously In the multi-purpose display of the instrument Risk of accident. Page Capacities Capacities Use only fluids and fuels authorized by Porsche. Windshield wiper stalk Rain sensor rotary switch What do I want to do? Pull out and unfold the ski bag.

The set off delay time is now active. The doors can be opened by pulling the inner door handle twice. Daytime driving lights Warning! Correct the seating position, set the backrest upright, do not support weight on the armrests, or lift on the handles. Danger of injury and risk of accident if the f Perform emergency unlocking of the spare spare wheel bracket is operated improperly.

Put in the protective cover and secure it with the Velcro strap. The head airbags are installed above the doors in the roof area. Ignition lock faulty Do not continue driving. Connect plug to new gas discharge lamp. Page Central Locking System Any changes or modifications not expressly and lids are closed.

Porsche Cayenne Owner s Manual

The Cayenne comes in a ards to our petrol-engined models in choice of three different drive systems, order to protect the environment from each featuring state-of-the-art technol- fuel evaporation. Download Porsche Cayenne Owners Manual.

With an opportunity for you to lean back and enjoy. In particular, warnings are not replaced by this brief overview. The door mirror heater is ready for operation when the ignition is switched on.

Page Extensive tests are performed before specific tires and wheels are approved by Porsche. To enter the car, aprender a cantar pdf simply touch the door The Cayenne models are all equipped as Preparation for Porsche Vehicle handle and the system automatically standard with an engine immobiliser and Rain sensor. And therefore more Porsche then ever. Page Cayenne Diesel Cayenne Diesel.

Close window completely once by pulling rocker switch. Page Transport Level for easier loading of heavy items. All vehicle doors will be locked.

Note Correct operation is no longer ensured if there is a temporary fault e. Push lever B down to the stop. Optional for the Cayenne, Cayenne Adaptive sports seats.

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As twin oxygen-sensor circuits. Surrounded only by those things that are really essential. Page Odometer more effort is required to steer and engine cooling fails.

Page Chassis The axle concept on the Cayenne models increase stability. By fitting tires which have been approved by Porsche, you can be sure that you have the best possible Tire and rim sizes tires for your Porsche. Page Lifting the vehicle with a jack Danger!

2004 Porsche Cayenne Owners Manual

Push on plug D until the plug is felt to click into the area of the ball head C. The lights are switched on when a door is unlocked or opened or when the ignition key is Switching on and off automatically withdrawn from the ignition lock. Page f If a tire pressure message is displayed, correct The display as well as the settings for Tire Warning light the tire pressure at the next opportunity. In add ition, a wide range of exclusive materials has been used. If the wiper arms are not in Warning!

Danger of serious personal injury or death. Page Safety And Environment Driving with foresight. Then briefly press the release handle on the rear lid.

Page Check tread depth and tire pressure. This is necessary situational conditions. The weight must be Note ment against slipping.

This requires a so- mewhat greater effort. If, for example, both wheels at the front axle lose traction on an icy road or soft surface, the rigidly linked drive wheels will permit the car to continue moving neverthe- less.