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Do not connect the end of the second cable to the negative - terminal of the battery to be jumped. However, if the collision was minor and a qualified technician finds that the belts do not show damage and continue to operate properly, they do not need to be replaced. The kit to enable Satellite reception is available through your dealer. Are there any special conditions affecting the concern or will alter the concern? This decal identifies engine displacement and gives some tune up specifications.

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This system helps you maintain steering control during emergency stops by keeping the brakes from locking. Liftgate An additional power door lock can be accessed by opening the liftgate. Lift the rear disc brake caliper off the knuckle. When turning, make wider turns so the trailer wheels will clear curbs and other obstacles. The lighter will be released from its heating position when it is ready to be used.

While the engine idles, turn the steering wheel left and right several times. Index mark the pinion flange and drive pinion gear to maintain initial balance during installation. Apply a marking compound to a third of the gear teeth on the differential ring gear. Follow your local authorized standards for disposal. To lock the liftgate and the liftgate window, secretos de un seductor pdf gratis use the power door locks or press the door lock switch on the left side of the cargo area.

Ford Explorer 2005 Manuals

Ford Motor Company has not approved a slingbelt towing procedure. Your vehicle is not equipped with the Ford Ambulance Preparation Package. Ford Motor Company recommends that all safety belt assemblies in use in vehicles involved in a collision be replaced. Automobile Ford Explorer Owner's Manual pages.

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Replacing coded keys can be very costly. Sitting on the safety belt will increase the risk of injury in an accident. SlideShare Explore Search You.

Return to the vehicle and firmly press, hold for two seconds and release the HomeLink button. To disable one-time or deactivate the BeltMinder feature please follow the directions stated below. Furthermore, due to printing cycles it may describe options before they are generally available. Determine your magnetic zone by referring to the zone map. Press and hold the top part of the rocker switch to close the window.

For less lumbar support, turn the lumbar support control toward the rear of vehicle. This acts as a reminder that these warning conditions still exist within the vehicle.

Push control to lower head restraint. Setting the lock for one door will not automatically set the lock for both doors. The passenger temperature will appear in the display. Turn on the low beam headlamps.

Position the pinion flange. The remote transmitter should operate normally after battery replacement. These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle. Press down on the top outboard area of the seatback until a click is heard. Always keep the power point caps closed when not being used.

Ford Explorer 2005 Manuals

Ford Explorer Manuals

These actions could cause damage to the glass and mirrors. State or local regulations on volatile organic compounds may restrict the use of methanol, a common windshield washer antifreeze additive. Cell phone use The use of Mobile Communications Equipment has become increasingly important in the conduct of business and personal affairs. If this warning stays on, contact your dealer as soon as possible.

If necessary, use a screwdriver to force up the metal flange of the pinion seal. Safety belt maintenance Inspect the safety belt systems periodically to make sure they work properly and are not damaged.

Ford Explorer 2005 Owner s Manual

If the warning stays on or continues to come on, contact your dealer as soon as possible. Use the tie down loops on the thumbwheels if equipped to secure the load.

The selected mode will illuminate on the temperature control. Frequent inspection of vehicle chassis components is recommended if the vehicle is subjected to heavy off-road usage.

Also See for Explorer User manual - pages Owner's manual - pages. Ford Explorer User Manual pages. Manual heating and air conditioning. Displayed as an early reminder of a low fuel condition. Pull lever up to adjust seatback.

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To prevent the battery from being discharged, do not use the power point longer than necessary when the engine is not running. To close the shade, pull it toward the front of the vehicle. Page Transmission Operation Driving Loaded vehicles, with a higher center of gravity, may handle differently than unloaded vehicles. Refer to Compass calibration adjustment in this section. The Dolby noise reduction system is manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

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The differential pinion shaft lock bolt retains the differential pinion shaft in the differential assembly. An embossed metal tag, bolted to the differential housing cover, contains rear axle identification. Page Tires, Wheels and Loading Power is supplied to all four wheels through a transfer case or power transfer unit. Secure the differential assembly in a holding fixture.

Ford Explorer Manuals