2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual Pdf

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It's written for pro- fessional technicians, but is simple enough for most mechanically-inclined owners to under- stand. Please read this manual carefully before operating your set and retain it for future reference.

Some devices may require you to press and release a third time to complete the programming. If the label is peeling off, do not put it in the drive mechanism. Turn it counterclockwise to decrease volume.

To heat the outside rearview mirror glass, push in the switch for the rear window defroster. Be especially careful about overload- ing if you equip your vehicle with a luggage rack.

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The lap belt can't do its job either. The vents are closed when the vent knob is moved to. When it is released, the belt should automatically draw back into the retractor. Page Spark Plugs When spark plugs are replaced, always use spark plugs recommended by Hyundai. There are four kinds of screen menus.

Press and hold one of the six numbered pushbuttons. The sound may come and go or be heard all the time when the vehicle is moving. If the oil level is low, fill the engine oil to the proper level and start the engine again.

This is the same manual used by dealership technicians and while it is highly technical it can be useful in obtaining a better understanding of your car and how it works. Automobile Hyundai Tiburon Workshop Manual pages. This will allow the system to detect the person and to enable the passenger airbag. If it is, check the tension of the belt. Trip Odometer o This mode indicates the drive distance trav-elled since the last drive time reset.

The front airbags will not deploy in side, rear or rollover impacts. To be sure the tail gate window is securely fastened, try to pull it up again. For better fuel economy, do not carry unnec-essary weight. Press this pushbutton again to return to playing speed. Do not per-form this step when programming additional transmitters.

The outside rearview mirrors can be adjusted to your preferred rear vision, both directly be-hind the vehicle, and to the rear of the left and right sides. Stop at a safe place to use a cellular phone. Set a destination by using the navi- gation menu.

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Additional ques-tions concerning seat belt operation should be directed to your Hyundai Dealer. If it is not, have it inspected by your Hyundai dealer and adjusted or repaired if necessary. Page Winter Driving Remember, jehovah witness pdf your Hyundai does not require extended warm-up. Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual pages.

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual

However, because the doors can be locked without a key, carrying a spare key is recommended in case you accidentally lock one key inside the car. The ashtray light will only illumi-nate when the external lights are on. It is opened by up and pulling forward.

Sound that seems normal can be loud and harmful to your hearing. Maximum load rating This number indicates the maximum load in kilograms and pounds that can be carried by the tire. The belt forces would be applied there, not at your strong pelvic bones. The alteration may void your warranty coverage. Raise the tail gate window.

Page Tire Traction If you replace radial tires with bias- ply tires, they must be installed in sets of four. Check belt fit periodically. The seat belt buckle sen-sors determine if the driver and front passenger's seat belts are fastened.

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Owners Manual PDF

Release it to play the passage. The radio will play the last selected station while the tape advances. The radio will produce one beep and adjust the display level to the middle position. The fusible links are located in a relay box in the engine compartment for easy inspection.

When the cleaning cassette has been ejected, the broken tape detection feature is active again. The rearview mirror glass will be heated for defrost-ing or defogging and will give you improved rear vision in inclement weather conditions.

To adjust the height of the seat belt anchor, lower or raise the height adjuster into an appro-priate position. If the height of the adjusting seat belt is too near your neck, you will not be getting the most effective protection. Parts of the system that are damaged should be replaced as soon as possible.

When replacing the tires on the vehicle, always use a tire that has the same load rating as the factory installed tire. For greater cooling, turn the fan control to one of the higher speeds or temporarily select the recirculate position on the air intake control switch. When this is nec-essary, you should consult a physician for recommendations. The second position turns on the headlights.

Release the button when the sunroof reaches the desired position. To turn off the system, unlock the door or tail gate using the transmitter or the ignition key.

Failure to replace or fully seat the fuel filler cap will result in fuel vapors escaping into the atmosphere and the check engine indicator illuminating. Check the fuel line in the engine compart- ment. It is operated by the control lever in the bottom front corner of the window. Also try to tug the seat forward. Fuels with unspecified quantities of alcohol, or alcohols other than ethanol, should not be used.