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Ford recommends the use of a digital or dial type tire pressure gauge rather than a stick type tire pressure gauge. Page If the engine coolant supply is depleted, this feature allows the vehicle to be driven temporarily before incremental component damage is incurred. What you need to do is download this repair manual and show it to your mechanic. For instructions, refer to Checking the engine oil in this chapter.

If this is not possible, wait a short period for the engine to cool. Failure to drive cautiously could result in an increased risk of loss of vehicle control, vehicle rollover, personal injury and death. To install, follow the removal procedures in reverse order. The user should receive a horn chirp to indicate the system has been disabled or a chirp followed by a honk to indicate the system has been enabled.

This value is not the same as the average fuel economy display. Under-inflation or over-inflation may cause uneven treadwear patterns. The head restraints can be moved up and down.

While pushing upwards with palms, grip the side latches with fingers and squeeze. Install the bulb socket in lamp assembly by turning it clockwise. These emblems are mainly used to give a personalized touch to trucks. If your vehicle is equipped with a overhead console rail system, there are several features that can operated. Make sure the gearshift is in P Park.

Repeat this procedure for another remote transmitter if desired. Pull the lever towards you to deactivate. To install the bed extender, follow the removal procedure in reverse order.

Safety belt maintenance Inspect the safety belt systems periodically to make sure they work properly and are not damaged. Be sure to put the cap back on the reservoir. Make sure the parking brake is set. Push control to lower head restraint.

Production sequence number Engine number The engine number the last eight numbers of the vehicle identification number is stamped on the engine block and transmission. Page Make sure the tongue is latched securely by pulling on it. Lift the hood until the lift cylinders hold it open. If failure repeats, bring your vehicle to your dealership to have the new spare key s programmed. The fuel system may be under pressure.

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This program is separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Manual heating and air conditioning. High beams Push the lever toward the instrument panel to activate.

Press and hold the desired HomeLink button. Put the indicator back in and ensure it is fully seated. Please take the time to get well acquainted with your vehicle by reading this handbook.

Department of Transportation requires Ford to give you the following information about tire grades exactly as the government has written it. Most of these repair manuals covering what a Ford F owners need to know. Ford F Owner's Manual pages. Here you can download free Ford F Repair Manual. Haynes has published a few more repair manuals for Ford Pickups over the years since Ford F was launched.

Automobile Ford F Owner's Manual pages. If the warning stays on or continues to come on, contact your dealer as soon as possible.

FREE 2004-2008 Ford Repair Manual

FREE 2004-2008 Ford Repair Manual

Bring the vehicle to a complete stop. Instructions are very clear and it definitely helps you to do a job quicker and cheaper. As this is a free version, new english file intermediate end of course test pdf there are no additional costs will occur. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Adjust the temperature control to maintain comfort.

See Front passenger sensing system in the airbags section of this chapter. Disconnect the electrical connector from the foglamp bulb. Ford Motor Company recommends that all safety belt assemblies in use in vehicles involved in a collision be replaced.


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In general, the larger the number, the wider the tire. The correct oil filter must be used as previously described. Displayed when the engine is overheating. Send a private message to dontnonottin. Besides, it also tells you the Ford F towing capacity.

Refer to Programming spare keys for instructions on how to program the coded key. Electronic automatic temperature control. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Each time you fill the tank, record the amount of fuel added in liters or gallons. Ford motor company ford f owner's guide pages.

The decisions of the Board are binding on Ford and, in some cases, on the dealer but not on consumers who are free to pursue other remedies available to them under state or federal law. Page Ford Motor Company recommends that caution be used with any vehicle equipped with a high load or device such as ladder racks or pickup box cover. Add the mixture to the coolant reservoir, when the engine is cool, until the appropriate fill level is obtained.

If your vehicle is equipped with a mini message center, refer to Mini message center electronic compass temperature display in the Driver Controls Chapter. Do not touch them after inflation. Attach the new wiper to the wiper arm and press it into place until a click is heard. Find More Posts by Dembruski.