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Check the adjustment of the Make sure all windows, mirrors, inside and outside mirrors see and outside lights are clean and page unobstructed. In fact, vehicle seriously injured or killed in a accidents are the number one cause crash. Page Steering Wheel Adjustment Steering Wheel Adjustment Make any steering wheel adjustment Push the lever up to lock the before you start driving.

Make sure the seat is securely locked. Since a tether can provide additional security, we recommend using a tether whenever one is required or available. Spilled liquids can damage the upholstery, carpeting, and electrical components in the interior. The keys do not contain batteries.

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Pull the handle to open it. Two seat positions can be stored in separate memories. Page Interior Convenience Items Integrated Sunshades The sunshades are intended for use only when the windows are fully closed.

Make sure it locks in place. Move the audio or program vehicle to an area information. Insert the burned or seriously injured attachment on the fuel fill cap into when handling fuel. To enter the customizing mode, the vehicle must be stopped and the transmission must be in Park.

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Step-by-step factory recommended repair instructions. We'll get you the repair information you need, every time, or we'll refund your purchase in full.

Turn it clockwise to lock it in place. Use cruise control when page appropriate.

Get your regular tire repaired or replaced, Do not use the compact spare tire and put it back on your vehicle as if you are towing a trailer. We wish we could just show you the entire manual before you buy, but our publishing agreement with the auto manufactures prevents this.

Kneeler moves up and down but Master link is broken. Reinstall the light cover. Your dealer has Honda accessories not overload electrical circuits that allow you to personalize your Follow all instructions in this see page or interfere with vehicle. If the chains have Because of these reasons, use only dealer.

It's a stupid rule in our opinion, but they authorize our manuals and that's what their lawyers require. Once again, we wish we could just show you the entire manual before you buy, but our publishing agreement with the auto manufactures prevents this. These customers have agreed to allow us to publicly display their testimonials.

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Do about the vehicle and possibly not exceed this weight limit, or you hurting someone in an accident or may damage the floor storage area. You will see the To change the level, you need to level. Those you should be aware of are described Load index a numerical code Date of manufacture. Leave the bumpers will cause serious damage.

To do this, refer to the following procedure. If Put a new washer on the drain bolt, necessary, add more oil. Lower the wiper arm against the windshield.

Factory-Authorized Online 2006 Honda Odyssey Repair Manual

We can answer your questions about using the software or help you find the specific information you need for your Honda Odyssey. Use locked when you leave your vehicle only Honda-approved key blanks. In it, you will learn how to operate its driving controls and avoid damage to your Honda, the lake house book pdf other convenience items. This manual is specific to a Honda Odyssey. Unlimited access to your Honda Odyssey manual on a yearly basis.

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Page Seat Heaters Seat Heaters the bottom of the switch. Page If the Engine Overheats Look for any obvious coolant leaks, Start the engine, and set the such as a split radiator hose. The vehicle can easily roll off the jack, seriously injuring anyone underneath. Remember, in Input Test Mode, double beeps indicate the switch is on or activated and single beeps indicate that it is not. Vehicles The tires on your car meet all U.

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Turn on the hazard This indicator should never warning indicators. Pour coolant into the reserve tank.

Help keep you in a good position should the airbags ever deploy. It Seat Belt System Components. Do not attempt to adjust it seat, walk between the second row side is moved to the center, walk while driving. Make sure the console is securely locked in place. Drive slowly along the shoulder until you get to an exit or an area that is far away from the traffic lanes.

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It is also necessary for licensing and insuring your vehicle. The cancel the storing procedure. If the fuse is blown, replace it with one of the same or lower rating. During normal operation, the pointer should rise to about the middle of the gauge. This will Follow these precautions when using keep the seat warm.

Page Changing a Flat Tire Install the spare tire storage cover. Install the rear light assembly in the rear pillar.