2007 Equinox Owners Manual Pdf

Push the latch plate into the buckle until it clicks. Open the liftgate partway.

Chevrolet EQUINOX Owner Manual

Page Mirrors Mirrors Manual Rearview Mirror To adjust the angle of the mirror, move the mirror to a position that allows you see to out of the back window. In a crash, the belt would go up over your abdomen. These updates or changes loss of the ability to send a may not operate if the battery is may also collect personal Turn-by-Turn Navigation route.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. You will get easier starting and better fuel economy during engine warm-up.

Chevrolet Equinox Manual

Press this button again and the system automatically searches for an auxiliary input device, such as a portable audio player. Although not always visible, dust and dirt can accumulate on your upholstery. If you see anything that might keep a safety belt system from doing its job, have it repaired.

That is why some motor vehicle owners bring the manual book and preserve it inside the motor vehicle, so they only ought to open it whenever they require. Owners Information Press to speak with an Advisor. On the other hand, manual book brings a lot more advantages than straightforward tutorials.

The ashtray can be placed into the front console cupholders. Such as, it might demonstrate you how to connect the device through Bluetooth or even the entry for other supporting capabilities and technologies. Turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the lumbar support. The clearcoat gives more depth and gloss to the colored basecoat. This may perhaps demand you to spend, but you are in a position to obtain the unique model.

Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual PDF

2007 Chevrolet Equinox Owners Manual PDF

Failure to pass this inspection could prevent you from getting a vehicle registration. Press down and pull rearward on the back of the panel to lock it in place. That will clear the area around the front wheels.


The shoulder belt is worn under the arm. The brakes will wear out much faster if you do a lot of heavy braking.

If you slid under it, the belt have a lap-shoulder belt. The repairs would not be covered by your warranty. Disconnect the crank case ventilation tube. The disc is stored in the radio.

If you are uninjured, make sure that no one else in your vehicle, or the other vehicle, is injured. The vehicle should be parked on a level surface.

By thinking about individuals points, you may start out to recognize that the book is useful. But wet ice can be even more trouble because it may offer the least traction of all.

This light also comes on when the fuel tank is low on fuel. Be sure the battery has enough water.

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Page Audio System s Audio System s Determine which radio your vehicle has and then read the pages following to familiarize yourself with its features. Rear passengers who are not safety belted can be thrown out of the vehicle in a crash.

Page Setting The Time without Date Display Here are some ways in which you can help avoid distraction while driving. Select Symbols or Guide Lines. There is cooling, speedometer or the optional inch tire. In moderate to severe side collisions, even belted occupants can contact the inside of the vehicle. Slow down when approaching judgment and an understanding of the top of the hill.