2008 Audi Q7 Owners Manual Pdf

2008 Audi Q7 Owner s Manual

No legal commitment can be implied by the infor- mation, illustrations or descriptions in this publication. Take hold of one of the door handles or press the. Unlocking the vehicle with the remote control will only unlock the rear lid, to open it, the lid handle needs to be pressed. The alarm system is automatically set when you lock the car, and switched off when you unlock the car with the remote. SystemsR Central locking you can specify which doors.

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You only need to have the remote control key on your person. We wish you safe and enjoyable motoring.

If the vehicle battery charge drops below a certain level, you can still open or close the rear lid manually, however, you will need to apply more force to close it. Turn the control back to to close the roof. If you unlock the tailgate by turning the key in the slot, watership down book pdf the alarm will. Position is the comfort setting. Sliding the front segment open and closed Turn the control towards position until the roof reaches the desired open position.

Check to see why the rear lid could not be closed before attempting to close it again. This quick reference guide gives you a brief introduction. If you unlock the vehicle by inserting the key in the driver's door, the ignition must be switched on within.


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If there is a mechanical problem with automatic closing for the rear lid or there is an obstruction, it opens again slightly right away. The rear lid can be locked or unlocked either by using the remote control or by inserting and turning the key in the driver's door lock. This prevents you from unintentionally locking your key in the luggage compartment. The tailgate will spring open slightly. If there is a mechanical problem with the automatic rear lid opening processor there is an obstruction, the process is stopped immediately.