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Other interior features Floor mat Securely place a mat that matches the size of the space on the car- pet. In this situation, the vehicle will operate as if the shift lever is in D. Do not use two compact spare tires simultaneously. When doing the circling calibration Be sure to secure a wide space, and watch out for people and vehicles in the neighborhood.

Visible symptoms l Fluid leaks under the vehicle Water dripping from the air conditioning after use is normal. Make sure the jumper cable is connected to the correct terminal and that it is not unintentionally in contact with any part other than the intended termi- nal.

Using the air conditioning system and defogger Air flows to the feet and the windshield defogger operates. For vehicles with the smart key system, bring the other key and the key number stamped on the key number plate. Page Customization Your vehicle includes a variety of electronic features that can be per- sonalized to your preferences. Do not use your compact spare tire on another vehicle.

Programming these preferences requires specialized equipment and may be performed by your Toy- ota dealer. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk Switching the door unlock function It is possible to set which doors the entry function unlocks. Operating the lights and wipers Fog light switch if equipped The fog lights improve visibility in difficult driving conditions, such as in rain or fog. Do not hang coat hangers or other hard objects on the coat hooks. Other interior features Seat heaters if equipped Heats the left front seat Heats the right front seat The indicator light comes on.

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Air flows to the upper body and feet. Do-it-yourself maintenance Hood Release the lock from the inside of the vehicle to open the hood. Rear type B Pull the armrest down and lift the lid. Type A Normal fuse Blown fuse Replace it with one of an appropriate amperage rating.

Toyota 2008 Camry Maintenance Manual

Playback may not be possible depending on the recording format or disc features, or due to scratches, dirt or deterioration. Pull the hood release lever. Do-it-yourself maintenance Air conditioning filter The air conditioning filter must be cleaned or changed regularly to maintain air conditioning efficiency.

Failing to do so may cause death or serious injury. Opening and closing the windows Power windows The power windows can be opened and closed using the following switches. Cords are the strands which form the plies in a tire. To prevent fire Fully extinguish matches and cigarettes before putting them in the ashtray, then make sure the ashtray is fully closed.

Essential information Event data recorder Your vehicle has computers that monitor and control certain aspects of your vehicle. Theft deterrent system Theft prevention labels for U. After shifting, do not release the clutch abruptly. Pull the lever back to the center position to turn the high beams off.

In this case, collaborate pdf contact your Toyota dealer immediately. Page Have the vehicle inspected by your Toyota dealer immediately if this occurs.

Using the storage features Console box When using the console box lid as an armrest if equipped If necessary, the console box lid can slide forward. Failure to do so may cause death or serious injury. Pull the lid forward by grasping the front of the lid. Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place and contact your Toyota dealer. Air flows to the upper body.

Adding cool coolant to a hot engine too quickly can cause damage to the engine. Adjustable components seats, mirrors, steering wheel Outside rear view mirrors Mirror angle can be adjusted using the switch. Page This may cause static electricity to build up, resulting in a possible ignition hazard. Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk Locking and unlocking the doors front door handles only Press the lock button to lock the door. Engine number The engine number is stamped on the engine block as shown.

Select a mirror to adjust. Driving information Winter driving tips Carry out the necessary preparations and inspections before driving the vehicle in winter. Using the audio system Title Page Using the radio P.

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Doing so may discolor the vehicle interior or cause streaks or damage to painted surfaces. They are well informed about the operations of all systems on your vehicle. Page Your vehicle has a drum-in-disc type parking brake system. Essential information If you think something is wrong If you notice any of the following symptoms, your vehicle probably needs adjustment or repair. It may also lock if you lean forward too quickly.

Toyota 2008 Camry Owner s Manual

Failure to do so may allow exhaust gases to enter the vehicle, resulting in death or a serious health hazard. No valuables or other personal items are left in the vehicle. Move your hand to the right to move the trailer to right. Steps to take in an emergency Warning message Details Correction procedure Indicates that the engine oil is sched- uled to be changed. Safety information When to contact your Toyota dealer In the following cases, contact your Toyota dealer as soon as possible.

Right and left side outlets Direct air flow to the left or right, up or down. Page Break-in schedule Toyota recommends that you do not use a new vehicle or a vehicle with any new power train components engine, transmission, differential, wheel bear- ings, etc. Maximum allowable speeds Observe the following maximum allowable speeds in each gear when maxi- mum acceleration is necessary. Keep cargo and luggage low, as close to the floor as possible.

Always work with dry hands. Programming other devices To program other devices such as home security systems, home door locks or lighting, contact your authorized Toyota dealer for assistance. The vehicle may also lunge forward or lunge back suddenly as it becomes free. Light sensor sensitivity can be changed. When adding coolant, do so slowly.

Toyota 2008 Camry Maintenance Manual

This is the primary identification number for your Toyota. Do not under any circumstances shift the shift lever to P or R automatic transmission vehicles or R manual transmission vehicles while the vehi- cle is moving. Refer to the manual that comes with the cellular phone for the oper- ation of the phone. Driving procedures Manual transmission if equipped Shifting the shift lever Fully depress the clutch pedal before operating shift lever, and then release the clutch pedal slowly. Customization Customized Item Function Default setting setting Driver's door unlocked in one All doors Unlocking using a key step, all doors unlocked in one unlocked in two step.


Center console if equipped Push the lid. Engine coolant temperature gauge Displays the engine coolant temperature.

Do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal while driving. Page Do not kick the front passenger seat or subject it to severe impact. Doing so may cause clutch trouble. Contact your Toyota dealer and have your Toyota inspected. Using the audio system The channel you selected is no longer available.