2009 Bmw X5 Owners Manual Pdf

Page Turn the serrated dial to set the display duration and the sequence of the dis- play. Page Energy Control Control Display. To protect the vehicle's batteries, avoid using the phone when the ignition is switched off.


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Page Steering Wheel Heating This opens the start menu. Escaping coolant can cause burns. Page Controls Its extensive array of features and accessories, both for driving and for your own safety, comfort and convenience, are described here. The arrow view appears in the assistance window.

After the Online Edition for Part no. Only clean the cover of the Head-Up Dis- play with a soft, lint-free cloth or with a display cleaning cloth, otherwise damage may result. The control of the individual func- tions is described in connection with the rele- vant equipment. Page Halogen Bulbs The bulb is pressurized.

Page Wiper Blades Do not use quartz-containing cleansers to clean glass surfaces of the Online Edition for Part no. Page Safety Belts Pull the lever, refer to arrow. Page Refueling If the cap is loose or missing, english for professional communication pdf a mes- sage is displayed after a certain Online Edition for Part no. Page Check whether the case is properly locked in place by pulling it with a sudden move- ment.

Page To sample the stations, press and hold the button for the corresponding direction. Never use spray fluids to start the engine.

Otherwise, it may not be possible to restart the engine. Ensure that adequate clearance is available before opening. The steeper and rougher the road surface is, the lower the speed should be. To do so, gently lift the corner of the trim piece with a screwdriver. Page Starting Playback Reverse or Freeze frame.

2009 BMW X5 30i xDrive - Owner s Manual (317 pages)

Therefore, wear safety glasses and protective gloves. Page Backup Lamp Open the side panel in the cargo bay. Page Traffic Information Turn the controller to enter the desired number and press the controller. After the last adjustment, the date is stored. The liftgate closes automatically when you press the button on the inside of the liftgate.

Page Interior Lamps Reading lamps Reading lamps are provided in the front and rear adjacent to the interior lamps. Page Rear Window Defroster Select the driver's or front passenger side if necessary.

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The Bluetooth link is activated. Page Cruise Control Otherwise there is a dan- ger of fire and to personal safety if the fluid is spilled.

Make the remaining adjustments. To switch on, press the controller. Page Along planned route Yellow symbol with the traffic obstruction sym- bol. Enter search criteria if necessary, e.

Here are the important short commands for the voice command system. Page While Driving As soon as you brake the vehicle almost to a stop, i. Smallest turning circle diam. Page Xenon Lamps Then lay the cap on its upper side and close it, refer to arrow.


Enabling must have been completed. Page Displaying Vehicle Data Press the button. Press the controller to open the menu.

You can change the language of the text displays. Turn the controller until the desired mem- ory position is selected.

Page Press the controller. Via iDrive Select a track by turning the controller. Page Driving The ignition is switched off if it was still switched on.

Page Turn the controller until the desired setting is selected. Page Refueling A message is displayed if the cap is loose or missing. Low objects already displayed, e.

The effort required for manual movement is consider- ably reduced. Manually release the transmission lock of the automatic transmission. Page Change to upper field if necessary.