2010 Toyota Venza Owners Manual Pdf

Toyota Venza Owners Manual PDF

Title Page Using the radio P. The doors will lock again automatically. To cancel, press the button twice. Rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth. When the setting or canceling operation is complete, all doors are locked and then unlocked.

However, the rear seat entertainment system is not turned off. Indicates the screen display ratios available.

Release the parking brake and brake pedal, and slowly pull or back away from the wheel blocks. Have someone retrieve the blocks. Opening, closing and locking the doors Back door Press the unlock button to unlock the door. Instrument cluster Center display.

The battery becomes depleted even if the key is not used. Inhaling exhaust gases may lead to death or a serious health haz-ard. This will make it more difficult to steer and brake, so you should pull over and stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. Always maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you in the following situ-ations. These labels are attached to the vehicle to reduce vehicle theft by facilitating the tracing and recovery of parts from sto-len vehicles.

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Towing a trailer will have an adverse effect on handling, per-formance, braking, durability, and fuel consumption. Failure to do so may result in death or serious injury. Pressing the switch again while the power back door is closing will cause it to open again. Releasing the belt Press the release button. The alarm may go off accidentally, or the door lock prevention may not func-tion.

Read more Toyota Hiace Owners Manual. When you find the car, the manuals will likely be in the package. Manual anti-glare inside rear view mirror Normal position Anti-glare position To ensure correct functioning of the sen-sors, do not touch or cover the sensors. Once you find the motor vehicle, the manuals is going to be included in the package deal. Doing so may cause hands to be caught or the back door damper stay to break, causing an accident.

The air conditioning system con-trol operates automatically. Doing so may result in control of the vehicle being lost and could cause an accident resulting in death or serious injury. Even when the repeat play option has not been selected, playback will automatically continue from the first song in the current play list once the last song has ended. Use the wireless remote control to unlock the doors.

Using the air conditioning system and defogger Rear window defogger Clear the rear window using the defogger. Depressing the brake pedal using your left foot may delay response in an emergency, result-ing in an accident. Press the talk switch and say the name of desired portable player. The introductory guidance and portable player name registration instructions are heard.

Toyota Owners Manual

Driving information Winter driving tips Carry out the necessary preparations and inspections before driving the vehicle in winter. Outside Adjust the head restraint to the upmost position.

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All other adjustments must be made on the portable audio device itself. Turning on the menu screen Press or select to turn on the menu screen. The headlights and all lights listed above except daytime run-ning lights turn on. Ball diameter Matches the size of the trailer coupler.

Toyota recommends the use of Toyota genuine wireless headphones. This vehicle should not be modified with non-genuine Toyota prod-ucts. Ask your Toyota dealer for details, jurnal pendidikan matematika pdf such as the frequency of radio waves and timing of emitting the radio waves.

From outside Pull the lever. Select to return to the previous screen. Such additional weight on the back door may cause the back door to fall closed again after it is opened.

To cancel the operation, press. Auto anti-glare inside rear view mirror In auto mode, sensors are used to detect the headlights of vehi-cles behind and automatically reduce the reflected light. In this event, try locking again after cleaning the area, or lock by touching the sensor area on the underside of the door handle.

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The back door will not lock automatically after it has been opened and then closed. Refer to the table below to identify the problem, and take the suggested corrective action. After removing the hitch, seal any mounting hole in the vehicle body to prevent entry of any substances into the vehicle. If necessary block the wheels to prevent inadvertent sliding or creeping.

Should this occur, refrain from excessive steering input or stop the vehicle and turn the engine off. Do not store the restraint unsecured in the passenger compart-ment. Make sure the top tether strap is securely latched.

None of these indicates that a malfunction has occurred. Wait for a while and then press or. To cancel, press the same button again. Songs are played in random order. Failing to do so may result in losing control of the vehicle and cause an acci-dent, resulting in death or serious injury.

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The setting changes each time an operation is performed, as shown below. Driving information Trailer towing tips Your vehicle will handle differently when towing a trailer. This will prevent it from injuring passengers in the event of a sudden stop, sudden swerve or an accident.

Toyota Venza Owners Repair manuals