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About training report of kv r r v p n l madar gss ajmer is Not Asked Yet? At last is would like to say that practical training taken at kv gss ig nagar has broadened my knowledge and widened my thinking as a professional. Practical training as a whole proved to be extremely informative and experience building and the things learnt at it would definitely help a lot in snapping the future ahead a better way. Successfully reported this slideshow. Operation requirement of various equipments have been included in detailed manner further in report.

Insulator (Electricity)

It is also available in both the forms analog as well as digital. In this type of breakers the interrupter chamber is separated from the other parts and arcing is confined to a small volume of oil. Its main application is in connection with transformer feeder as this unit makes it possible to switch out one transformer, while the other is still on load. These insulators are generally made of glazed porcelain or toughened glass. Pole mounting open or kilos type Any substation has many types of civil and electrical works.

The contacts of an oil breaker are submerged in insulating oil, which helps to cool and extinguish the arc that forms when the contacts are opened. Ensuring development of an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system of intra-state transmission of electricity from generating stations to Load Centers.

Gas evolution at a slow rate that is associated with minor faults inside the transformers gives rise to the operation or top float whose contacts are wired for alarm. Protection of power station and sub-station from direct stroke. The lower chamber contains the operating mechanism and the upper one contains the moving and fixed contacts together with the control device.

Insulator (Electricity)

Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Plain-break circuit breakers consist mainly of a large volume of oil contained in a metallic tank. Coils assembly shall be suitably supported between adjacent sections by insulating spacers and barriers. The neutral earthing is provided for the purpose of protection arcing grounds unbalanced with respect to protection from lightening and for improvement of the system. Protection of electrical equipments from travelling waves.

The divided spark gap consists of a no. It absorbs the arc energy to decompose the oil into gases, which have excellent cooling properties. As the most expensive and most important part of a substation is Transformer, so I was really interested in seeing how the protection systems for transformers are installed. Current transformers are also used for street lighting circuits. It is desirable not to allow porcelain to come in direct contact with a hard metal screw thread.

These shall be located so as to prevent ingress of rain water. Two supplies from different sources can be put on each bus separately. Along these transmission lines secondary substation are created where voltage is further stepped down to sub transmission and primary distribution voltage.

Kv GSS Heerapura Report

They are applied as part of a lightning protection system, in combination with air terminals and bonding. These parts of equipment, which are normally dead, as for as voltage, are concerned do not attain dangerously high potential. Unlike the active power, reactive power can be produced, transmitted and absorbed of course with in the certain limit, which have always to be workout. Basically an electrical substation consists of number of incoming and outgoing circuit connected to a common bus bar system. However, aneurisma disecante de la aorta pdf conditioning or changing the oil in the interrupter chamber is more frequent than in the bulk oil breakers.

The assembly of apparatus used to change some characteristics e. Arc interruption depends on the head of oil above the contacts and the speed of contact separation. The energy supplied for arc extinction is obtained from high pressure air and is independent of the current to be interrupted. All the electrical equipments must be protected from the severe damages of lightning strokes. An electrical substation is a subsidiary station of an electricity generation, transmission and distribution system where voltage is transformed from high to low or the reverse using transformers.

To account for this, an expansion vessel called conservator is added to the transformer with a connecting pipe to the main tank. Selection of rating of instrument transformer. Power obtain from these stations is transmitted all over Rajasthan with the help of grid stations.

Each having its protective relays for determining the existence of a fault in that zone and having circuit breakers for disconnecting that zone from the system. The insulators provide necessary insulation between line conductors and supports and thus prevent any leakage current from conductors to earth. Power house for increased reliability of supply greater. Here proper clearance would be achieved only if require tension is achieved. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

What is the various problem seen in substation while handling this instruments. Bus bars are conducting bars to which a no. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions.

In addition to its protective function, a circuit breaker is also used for circuit switching under normal conditions. Loose bus bars would effect the clearances when it swings while over tensioning may damage insulators. Capacitor bank is connected in shunt over the reactor. In this case all the feeders will be on conditions. Whenever a tapping is to be changed in this type of transformer, the load is kept off and hence the name off load tap-changing transformer.

Electrical Substation

These are usually transformers installed in an underground vault. It provides facility for carrying out breaker maintenance but does not permit bus maintenance.

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Selection of voltage regulator equipment. These are normally used in various circuits for the purposes of Isolation of a certain portion when required for maintenance etc. Their purpose is to limit the rise in voltage when a communications or power line is struck by lightning or is near to a lightning strike.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Whenever maintenance is required on any breaker the circuit is changed over to the transfer bus and is controlled through bus coupler breaker. Max coverage of the supply network over the given geographical area. The oil in both chambers is completely separated from each other.

The resistance of earth and current path should be low enough to prevent voltage rise between earth and neutral. For economic transmission the voltage should be high so it is necessary to step up the generated voltage for transmission and step down transmitted voltage for distribution. As the protection system includes C. The typical lightning arrester has a high-voltage terminal and a ground terminal.