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Each building trap when installed shall be provided with a cleanout and with a relieving vent or fresh air intake which need not be larger than the diameter of the drain to which it connects. For bends or traps the sheet lead shall not have less than an c inch wall thickness. The waterborne wastes derived from ordinary living processes.

Sanitary Sewer

Solvent weld connections shall be made only with solvent cement manufactured specifically for the materials to be joined. In the classification of plumbing fixtures, private shall apply to fixtures in residences, apartments, condominiums and to private guest rooms in hotels and motels.

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Type K or L tubing incised marked with cast brass fittings. Building Subdrain - Storm. Water that does not meet the standards of potable water.

Information from the Massachusetts Plumbing Board

Every joint between lead and cast iron, wrought iron, or steel pipe shall be made by means of wiped joints to a caulking ferrule, soldering nipple, bushing, or by means of a mechanical adapter. Reverse Osmosis - Water Treatment Unit. Dead ends shall not be used as any part of a drainage system except where the use of a dead end is necessary to extend a cleanout so as to be accessible.

The percentage of the total connected fixture unit flow which is likely to occur at any point in the drainage system. Water that does not contain impurities in amounts sufficient to cause disease or harmful physiological effects. Fixtures having integral traps.

Work of such character that will fully secure the desired or needed results. Pipes that penetrate concrete slabs placed on grade shall also provide a sleeve. For Storm Water Drainage Only.

No fixture shall be double trapped. Every fixture directly connected to the drainage system must be equipped with a liquid-seal trap. Flow Pressure Residual Pressure.

Massachusetts Plumbing & Gas Code

The pipe from the municipal water main or private other source of water supply to the water distribution system of the building served. If a fillet or bead of solvent cement is not visible after a joint is assembled, a heavier coat of solvent cement should be used on the pipe spigot.

For below ground installation the sump or tank shall be encased in concrete having a thickness of at least three-inches. Each fixture trap shall have a liquid seal of not less than two inches and not more than four inches, except where for special conditions, a deeper seal may be required. The septic tank effluent the pit receives may seep or leach into the surrounding porous soil through the open jointed lining. No trap shall be larger than the drainage pipe into which it discharges.

Dedicated Waste Water Recycling System. Water that passes through an isolated portion of the water piping distribution system. Where necessary, pipe may be installed by tunneling or jacking, or a combination of both.

00 Uniform State Plumbing Code

Grease traps and interceptors must bear the certification seal of the Plumbing and Drainage Institute P. Back-siphonage and back pressure are examples of backflows. Materials shall be identified as provided in the standard to which they conform. Where shoring is required, ample allowance shall be made in the trenchs width to facilitate proper working conditions. The use of commercial putty or plaster as a setting compound is prohibited.

The waste from dishwasher pre-rinse sinks that are not equipped with food waste grinders shall be discharged to the drainage system through a grease trap interceptor. Cast Iron to Copper Tubing. The test shall be applied by creating a liquid mixture with the appropriate amount of oil of peppermint and hot water. Every joint between wrought iron, steel, or brass, and cast iron pipe shall be either caulked or threaded or shall be made with approved adapter fittings. This ring shall, after ramming, completely fill the annular space between the cast iron spigot and the vitrified clay hub.

Every flared joint for soft-copper water tubing shall be expanded with a flaring tool. All plumbing connections to that fixture shall be made water and gas tight.

Surfaces to be soldered shall be properly cleaned, reamed and returned to-full-bore. Defective Materials and Poor Workmanship. Direct access without the necessity of removing or moving any panel, door, lock or similar obstruction. Piping in Relation to Footings. Traps shall be set level with respect to their water seals and, where necessary, learning teaching by jim scrivener pdf shall be protected from freezing.