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He is a Muslim and respects Ish like a Guru. Perhaps the best book of the author.

It doesn't at all appeal to me at any point. The Hindu-Muslim riots crash their world and the three try saving the boy from Hindu fanatics baying for his blood.

Lastly, what the protagonist admits were his mistakes, hardly seem to be mistakes at all. Can we succeed despite a few mistakes? He considers that is the first mistakes of his life. All in all, sks pdf I'm really glad I read this book and considering reading more for Chetan Bhagat. Thank you chetan for writing like this.

The Bhuj Earthquake destroying his store was not a mistake. Tries to commit a suicide. But Chetan messes it up by taking on more than he can chew and in an attempt to say something thoughtful and provocative, dissapoints. Every girl has a wonderful smell right after bath.

He follows the preachings of Parekh-ji, a political-cum-spiritual leader and has complete faith in him. In a world where one is constantly striving to find time, it truly matters when you can actually finish reading a book withen a couple of hours. Quiz notices, things we missed. Well, let's not mess with the thing.

If you love to read love stories, then this book for you. This is where the novel begins to disintegrate and goes on to become embarrasingly over-the-top and melodramatic.

Three Mistakes of My Life

Also he is so lucky that movies based on his books turn out very good like three idiots, kai po che and two states hello was a disaster. Not great literature by any stretch but definitely captivating in parts. So in the end, some messed up shit happens. But after you're done with, forget the feeling of disappointment, but think about feelings of complete frustration. Loosely based on Brett Lee.

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His family enjoys great respect among the people. But I can begin to see why Bhagat is so popular. He helps Govind's business by organizing daily cricket coaching camps. And then I realized every Amar, Akbar, Antony and their uncle had come up with the same idea. We only care about cramming up an epidermal layer diagram, because that comes in the exam every single year.

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Neha of Five Point Someone and Vidya of this book are exactly similar. The character sketchup was lucid and the story moves with a great p No doubt that his debut was gripping and the movie a phenomenal one. The one thing the book could have definitely done with though is some good editing. Ahem, and they also have sex during the so called math or whatever tuition classes, when the so-called best friend is right outside the other side of the wall! Omi was a good friend regardless of his vapid behavior.

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Books are one of the only sources of knowledge for human life. He loves business and wants to earn crores of money through. Everyone around me was giving me advice, good advice, actually. Ishan is witty and talkative. But, the book was not so bad.

Critics across the country were not too impressed with the book and some even suggested that it was not as good as his previous work. In all this, they forget the real issue- why didn't the manager provide -two plates of food? Cricket is a religion in India.

He is the main antagonist of the story. This pretty much sums up the book for me as well. Ishaan the heroic character, he is the one who is hardcore fan of cricket who gives up his career, fought with parents just only for cricket.

First of all, Bollywood itself is moving away from formulaic fares so Chetan's jumped in a bit late here. Bhagat makes it a point to include a love-making scene in each of his books. And I don't want to call them spoilers although i have hidden them for the self proclaimed Chetan Bhagat fans who haven't read the book because nothing can spoil an already spoiled book trash. But this book is total waste of time.

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The religious riots that are too perennial. All in all, I'm really glad I read t well I'm not sure how to describe this book. That tour of Australia was completely out of place and not at all necessary! This English national bestseller has been published in Gujarati language by a leading Gujarati book publisher, M. So when the protagonist does just that and goes out of the way to hide it from his best friend, you know their friendship is going to be doomed.