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Must be These conditions must be corrected before a satisfactory used at rear tire adjustment can be made. This will reduce the seat belt rewinding torqe to minimize a sense of oppression given by the belt. Connect the harness connector via a test light to the ground.

One of the horn does not sound. Indicates current flow downward or upward as controlled by the indicates harnessjunction where wire diameter or color changes.

Repair or replace speaker. Repair speaker harness and ensure Check the speaker for conductance.

Never use one to connect a power supply directly to a load. Doing so may damage the collapsible column mechanism. Extend the antenna completely. Are there any foreign objects inside the cassette player? Check the test light and gauge conditions.

When replacing field coil brushes, crush worn brush with pliers, being careful not to damage pigtail. The size of the wave-form patterns differs largely depending on the adjustment of the variable knob on the analyzer.

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Is the antenna plug properly connected to the unit? Connecting a high tension cable to the noise facilitated. Is the antenna completely extended? The second generation of the model differs from the first, primarily on the modified front and rear bumpers, as well as on the side air intakes.

If you have any questions, please contact with us. Identification of abnormal wave-forms is easier when there is a large output current regulator is not operating. Tapes of C or greater length often get caught in the mechanism and should not be used. Is the antenna plug properly connected to the equipment? Each of these methods is briefly de- scribed in the following.

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Caution As the tachometer is negative grounded, do not con- nect battery conversely to prevent damaging transis- tor and diode. Button improperly operated. Is operation normal when a new antenna assembly is directly installed Refer to B. For North America, the car was pre-assembled by the corporation Chrysler and was named Dodge Stealth.

The combined radio cassette must operate properly. Suppress high tones to reduce noise. Check terminals and wires for corrosion by battery electro- lyte, etc. Does tuning solve the problem?

Does the problem clear up when re Does the problem appear only in certain locations and only with yes certain stations? Make sure that when the following switches are turned on, the output shown in the illustration is delivered. Clean and polish the surface of the antenna rod. Voltmeter A voltmeter is used to measure the circuit voltage.

Repair or replace speakers. Therefore unnecessary checks can be eliminated. Is the labeled side faced downward?

When the ignition switch is turned on, the timer circuit and pulse circuit will flicker the seat belt warning light for approx. Is power supply cut off automatically to return to no display state Faulty set after three-minute operation?

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Are the speaker cords in contact with the cone paper? Engine cranks, but does not start.

The ignition voltage peak appears reversely between when the spark plug cables of the cylinders No. If there is continuity in both directions, diode is shorted, and rectifier assembly must be replaced.

Tape speed is fast or slow. Mitsubishi Outlander trouble codes. Sand pigtail end with sandpaper to ensure good soldering. Normally, the positive red lead probe is applied to the point of voltage measurement and the negative black lead probe to the body ground.

The continuity between terminals at each position is as indicated in the table below. Visual and aural checks Check relay operation, blower motor rotation, light illumina- tion, etc. Caution Be careful not to turn it to the No.

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If there is no continuity or if there is short circuit, replace rotor assembly. If resistance is extremely small, 30 days english speaking course pdf it means that there is a short. Spark plug gap is too large. Were conditions such as the following present when noise was received?