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Insert new transistor in the circuit board. Component Video Input Y, P. It is essential that these special safety parts should be replaced with the same components as recommended in this manual to prevent Shock, Fire, or other Hazards. Each part is tested as below without special appointment.

Inspect on the circuit board copper side the solder joints of. In case any measurement is out of the limits specified, there is possibility of shock hazard and the set must be checked and repaired before it is returned to the customer. Fuse and Conventional Resistor. Removing or reinstalling any component, circuit board. In this case, you have to channel recover.

Allow the soldering iron tip to reach a normal temperature. The following techniques should be used to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static by static electricity.

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If unforeseen circumstances create conflict between the. Kazakhstan, Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovakia. Heat the component lead until the solder melts. Use with this receiver only the test fixtures specified in this. Disconnecting or reconnecting any receiver electrical plug or.

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Do not use a line Isolation Transformer during this check. Route the jumper wire along the path of the out-away copper.

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Do not use freon-propelled spray-on cleaners. Leakage Current Hot Check. Connect insulated gauge jumper wire from the lead of the.

Keep wires away from high voltage or high temperature parts. Such components commonly are called. Trace along the copper pattern from both sides of the pattern. An other abnormality exists that must be corrected before the receiver is returned to the customer. Allow the soldering iron tip to reach normal temperature.

Always connect the test receiver ground lead to the receiver. Immediately before removing the protective material from the. This technique involves the installation of a jumper wire on the component side of the circuit board.

Use the following soldering technique. Do not use freon-propelled chemicals. Securely crimp each connection and solder it. Test high voltage only by measuring it with an appropriate high.

Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be soldered. It is not necessary to reapply acrylic coating to the areas. Use a grounded-tip, low-wattage soldering iron and appropriate. Use a transformer of adequate power rating as this protects the technician from accidents resulting in personal injury from electrical shocks. Do not spray chemicals on or near this receiver or any of its.

Draw away the melted solder with an anti-static suction-type. The use of a internal pattern. Minimize bodily motions when handling unpackaged. Observing diode polarity, wrap each lead of the new diode.

When the exposed metal has no return path to the chassis the reading must be infinite. Each model has their number.

Model General Specification. Solder each transistor lead, and clip off excess lead. Immediately before handling any semiconductor component or. First, hold the soldering iron tip and solder the strand against. Use the following unsoldering technique.

Keep the soldering iron tip clean and well tinned. Clip each fuse or resistor lead at top of the circuit board hollow. Many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis have special safety-related characteristics.

Connecting a test substitute in parallel with an electrolytic. The following guidelines and procedures should be followed whenever this condition is encountered. Carefully crimp and solder the connections. If they are not shiny, reheat them and if necessary, apply additional solder. Clean the soldered areas with a small wire-bristle brush.

Quickly draw the melted solder with an anti-static, anatomia de cabeza y cuello para odontologos pdf suction-. Quickly move the soldering iron tip to the junction of the. Parts list bill of materials. Solder the overlapped area and clip off any excess jumper wire.

Leakage Current Hot Check circuit. Component Video Input Y, C.