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It is on the Ishtar Gate and is the compass rose on the de Virga world map. They plan to unleash a chemical weapon over the skies of Chicago.

She blocks Evan's messages, but Amy finds out, and the two fight before Sinead flees. The book begins with the gang in Ian's apartment in London.

The Diamond is too well protected, but they escape from security. Afterwards, the siblings quit the hunt. He has also been receiving texts from a Vesper claiming to be his father, so he texts back a question to confirm this and is shocked that the answer is correct. Amy and Dan find a black notebook owned by Sparrow, a. Jake joins Amy and they look for the Apology in the rest of the manuscripts.

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They find the map in the book. They think the clue is diamond and so does the Kabras. Angela is obsessed with finding out more about the mysterious Boone. Alongside the first series of books, Card Packs were sold. They chronicle the adventures of two siblings, Amy and Dan Cahill, who discover that their family, the Cahills, has been the most influential family in history.

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Overall, the cards form a key part of the series. The Emperor's Code is the eighth book in the series. Are Q and Angela the hunters or the hunted? Sandy and Damien arrive and hand out stone weapons.

Vesper One has developed a taste for killing Cahills, and Amy and Dan aren't going to wait to see who's next. First, they go to Oceanus, an amusement park in the Bahamas. However, Amy is injured when the tide comes in and she hits her head on rocks.

Amy tells Dan about the Jolly Codger Pirate's Cove Tour, which takes tourists on a boat to islands frequented by famous pirates. The Outcast has re-created four of history's greatest disasters and dared Ian to stop him. Luckily, Dan had already stored it in his photographic memory, and he copies it down after they leave. Mission Titanic is the first book in the Doublecross series. The Outcast's disasters are only a smokescreen to cover up his true plan, a diabolical revenge on the family that betrayed him.

Amy and Dan go to China to find the next clue. Pierce reflects on how the Cahills are his last opponent to world domination, and vows to kill them.

If you are a person who likes adventure, travel and a story about family ties this is the one for you. There is also a secret piece of sheet music. Dan inhales chloroform in order to pass out. After the chopper takes off, one of Pierce's men jumped extremely high, due to the serum.

He and Amy find the second clue, tungsten by playing the piece correctly, and a pair of Japanese swords, a hint for their next destination. The series consists of only one standalone novel. Ian's only chance to beat the Outcast is to track down his former allies, Amy and Dan. Amy is tricked into giving Vesper One Gideon's ring, which Grace entrusted her with. And it's up to Angela and Q, along with Boone and Croc, learn accordion pdf to stop them.

Patton to retrieve Gideon's ring. Dan and Atticus go to a market and Dan gets rosemary and mint for the serum. Amy and Dan's grandmother, Grace Cahill, changes her will shortly before her death.

The number is overwhelming. Storm Warning is the ninth book in the series. In Too Deep is the sixth book in the series.

They check Astrid Rosenbloom's email for clues about the folio's location. Amy and Dan pursue the Clues while evading the sabotage of other Cahills. Isabel Kabra captures them and threatens to kill their loved ones if they do not reveal their clues. Shatterproof is the fourth book in the series. Shatterproof is the fourth book in the Cahills vs.

Rutherford Pierce, a presidential candidate, attacks Amy and Dan and steals the serum from the safekeeper, Sammy Mourad, to use its power to conquer the world. The last clue is the serum formula, which Dan memorizes, but no one wants it anymore. Isabel sets fire to their hut.

Meanwhile, Amy is experiencing side effects that will soon kill her. Ian falls, and Amy sacrifices the serum to save him. The device activates, but Isabel destroys it.

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