3d Heart Pop Up Card Template Pdf

3D Heart Valentine s Card - Free Template

Cut along the dotted lines, score along the solid lines. Plus, an added bonus is that you only need some paper and scissors to make an easy pop up card. Write I Love You in binary.

Or just sealed and delivered if you prefer to go incognito. By adding two pieces of the vertical copper tape near each other you can make the heart beat as your finger slides from one to the other.

DIY 3D cards 3D pop up heart card templates to light up w/ paper circuits

The pop up beating heart template is a great way to increase the depth of this activity. Engineer a heart shaped box. Position the heart card over your outer card and push down.

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Using your bone folder or your fingernails and palm of your hand, press the creases to give them a nice, crisp edge. Very carefully begin to pop the heart up and fold the card in two.

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Although, the payoff from the added difficulty is huge since now you can make your heart beat!

Use your X-acto knife to make the cuts on the dotted lines, using a ruler if this helps. Trim around the outer edge of the card with your scissors.

Write a sweet message of love to your valentine. Run your scoring tool along the solid lines to start the creases that will make the heart pop up.


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Attach double sided tape to the back of one side your heart card, or use a glue stick. Open the card to reveal a pop out heart. In this pop-up card template, podstawy elektrotechniki bolkowski pdf the swipe of your finger connects two copper strips.

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Finish with a pretty bow around the card, and seal with a kiss. It looks more complicated than it is. Learn about the mechanisms of popup cards. Cut a second rectangle from your coordinating card stock the same size as your inner card, or slightly larger if you would like a layered look.

Not the other way around or any other variation! Tape is less messy and works best. Take your time and make sure that each paper strip folds the correct way. Get supplies on our curated Amazon list. Check out our other fun Valentine's projects!

Fold this second piece of card in half. Paper circuits really fit the bill when it comes to real, fun science. Get heart shaped Lego puzzles. You could end up with a very wonky looking heart. Repeat with the second side by first attaching tape to the inner card, and folding over the outer card to join the two together.