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When calibration has not yet been carried out, the display value may be blank.

Page General Functions General functions are divided into groups according to function and are indicated by the group name with the function number. Page Digital Linearization There is no need to calibrate again. This is because when there are multiple ground points, a ground loop can be created along the wiring route, and interference such as high-frequency noise becomes more likely. This hold function has no function when hold is set to normal hold.

Command Command example Response example Disable key switch Disable key switch operations. Page Command Format Tare weight data request Outputs tare weight data immediately after the command is received.


AirTies Air 4410 Quick Installation Manual

The indicator then enters the weighing mode. AirTies Air Settings The Air is placed at a location between the Access Point and an area that may be suffering from weak wireless coverage. If a value exceeding the settable range is entered, err dt is displayed and the input is canceled.

Keep all electrical noise sources away from the load cell and load cell cable. Do not use the same grounding wire that power-driven equipment such as motors or inverters are using. For example, if a network contains three AirTies repeaters then changing the wireless password on one of the devices will update the wireless password for all devices.

You successfully configured your device as a wireless Access Point. Connect the cable shield to the F.

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A&D AD-4410 Instruction Manual

The disabled state induced by this command is released by turning off the power. Neither holds nor Averaging are taking place.

And the indicator enters the weighing mode. The settings can not be changed here. This is displayed by holding the weighing value. Page Description Of Each Part The function for this indicator can be selected in the general functions, depending on the purpose. This symbol indicates caution against electrical shock.

4410 Distributor

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Page Calibration Clears all the data such as zero value, tare weight, All data initialization calibration data and function data. However, as long as there are no problems with the display, causes of revolt of 1857 pdf confirmation can still be carried out using check mode. The calibration weight value the weighing capacity currently set is displayed and the lowest value number blinks. Tare when the gross weight is negative. Page Interface - Weighing states and results can be output to external devices using control output.

Datasheet PDF - Alldatasheet